Another ridiculously good day of winter powder!

12 April 2012

It was pretty quiet around my place this morning but the girls phoned to say hello and Katie informed me that I was, “the best daddy in the universe”, which is a lovely way to start the day! Thanks girls!

It was overcast and snowing lightly this morning and although it was tempting to return to the Fornet the boys convinced me to head to Tignes as it’s forecast to snow from the east tonight, which will load up the Fornet again for tomorrow. The skiing was superb right from the start off the edge of the Verte and Mont Blanc and again in the Lower Borsat and meadows down into Tignes. From there Chris and I opened up the Balme, which was atmospheric to say the least and great skiing as well. From there we headed up to the Motte where we were lucky enough to get some really decent visibility and we filled our boots with three rotations off the Genepy and down my shoulder. They then opened up the Motte cable-car so Chris was in the first ride up and he opened up the Leisse from the top, which was wonderful. My team caught the next cable car and it’s the first time all winter we’ve had that slope in deep snow and it was a treat. By this time it was getting late and I skied the Cairn and finished off about 1:45 on the piste. (There were some tired legs by this stage) Stephen said that it was his best morning of the season but I think sometimes we lose track of all the great skiing we do during a season. (Like yesterday, I’d give it a top ten) Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself Steve!

Meanwhile, once in Tignes Andreas headed up for an excellent Chardonnet while Thomas and Henry skied one in the Col du Palet. Andreas then came around to the Balme while Henry skied the Chardonnet and Andreas was doing something funky in one of the couloirs, which was getting rave reviews from Thomas and Henry. They then headed back towards Val d’Isere to ski the Spatule, and I lost track after that. Thomas came up towards the Motte and skied one off the Genepy with the Parker family, and all in all, it was another brilliant day of winter powder in mid-April. Wow!

Dan Egan took some great video of Henry yesterday and it can be found on Henry’s website so log-on and have a look. Good stuff Henry!

I’d like to wish my lovely wife Gill and god-son Oscar a very happy birthday today. I remember well the day Oscar was born when we were all eating at Les Tufs and the news of the birth came through. TJ’s brother David had been sent out to bring TJ back to Scotland in time but David was having such a good time it was TJ who ended up dragging David back. Late, needless to say! Anyway, happy birthday Gill and Oscar!

Sports Report- Man U’s shock defeat to Wigan has certainly spruced things up a little. Although the title is in the bag, the Man U supporters will be incredibly nervous now and who knows, it just might get interesting!

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