A top team effort!

13 April 2012

I had a great evening last night at the Campbell’s with the Campbell family, Derek and Clare Burns. It was cracking good fun with lovely food, wine and company and Katrina’s starter was superb! Clare and I left around midnight while Derek was dragging Peter off for a nightcap, which turned into 3:30am, but both of them showed up on time this morning ready for duty. Impressive boys! I awoke at 6am with a slight hangover and when I looked outside and saw a bank of fog I started to feel sorry for myself as foggy conditions and a hangover don’t mix. Anyway, by show-time it had started to clear up and we had good visibility for most of the morning. (Thank God!)

We all headed towards Tignes again and after a little test off the Verte we had some good but fragile skiing in the Lower Borsat and down across the meadows and under the Fresse chair. From there it was up the Funicular and cable-car to the summit of the Motte for some excellent skiing. After about 20-turns in great snow it was off into the Rosolin for 114-turns to the bottom. Chris and I then ‘skinned’ out and continued on to the Tour du Balme, which I haven’t done for a year or two. We stayed north and had good winter powder all the way to the junction where you can cut onto the big slopes of the Balme, but we turned left to join the piste. (The big face was trashed yesterday and wasn‘t worth it today) I then headed up to ski the Campanules, which was fantastic spring snow but fragile before heading home on the piste. (I gave the Familial a miss because a nasty fog bank had rolled in and after a brilliant morning I didn’t need to spend any time stumbling around in a sea of cloud. I might have been sick.)

Meanwhile, after a trip to the Motte the rest of the boys spread out and found some great skiing in tricky conditions. Between Andreas, Thomas and Henry they skied the Cairn, Campanules, Familial, and the North Face of the Borsat from the top, finding powder and variations of spring snow that held up nicely. They weren’t easy calls and the boys did a terrific job working as a team to find fantastic skiing all morning long. Bravo boys!

It clouded over this afternoon and some more snow is forecast for this evening, so our powder run should continue for a few days more at least. We’ll enjoy it but when the sun returns I think we’ll all be ready for it as flat-light conditions are hard work. So far we’ve been lucky and had enough visibility to make the most of the skiing while the lack of sunshine has kept the snow cold giving us superb powder conditions.

And thanks for a lovely evening Clan Campbell!

PS Olivia’s sister Fiona came along with Chris this morning and she did brilliantly. Well done girls!

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