A fabulous Col Pers saves the day!

14 April 2012

It snowed yesterday afternoon and during the night and I was sure there was going to be a good accumulation so Chris, Henry and his pal Dan E, and I headed up to the Fornet to find it. Chris and I did warm-up with a good run top-to-bottom on Solaise followed by one down the Mattis and although very good it wasn’t as deep as we’d hoped for. Once at the Fornet we dove into the Grand Vallon expecting a cracking good ski but you could feel the old tracks underfoot and the humidity in the base. I immediately radioed Henry to tell him to give it a miss because the lower half was hard work. That experience told us to give the Combe du Signal a miss as well so we headed upstairs to the Glacier hoping for deeper and cleaner snow underfoot. We tried out towards the Combe du Geant, which was seriously deep a few days ago, but still you could feel the old tracks underneath. At this stage Chris and I decided to head over the Col knowing it would be smoother underfoot but also hoping to find where all the new snow had ended up.(Chris was skiing with Emma and Suzie who are new to Val d’Isere and going over the Col in flattish light is always a good adventure)

Getting in over the Col was quick and easy and there was a good 50cm’s of fresh snow awaiting us with just enough visibility to make navigating comfortable. Halleluiah! It was fantastic skiing with deep, cold winter snow all the way down to the Grand Torsai and we had a ‘light bulb’ hanging above giving us bonus visibility. We all know getting down from the Grand Torsai can be interesting from time to time and we were expecting nothing less, but the snow was clean underfoot and although it was warming up, it remained excellent all the way to the bottom. It was as good as it’s been all season long at the bottom and it was a brilliant ski and a wonderful introduction to Val d’Isere and ‘Alpine’ for Emma and Suzie!

Thanks Michele for a lovely drinks party last night. I’ve put up some photos of the excellent canopies.

Snow is forecast over the next couple of days so fingers crossed that we get some vision to go with it.

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