Radio Val reported -7C at 8AM

04 April 2008

Radio Val reported -7C at 8AM and we enjoyed unbroken sunshine all day long. I skied with Chris up at the Fornet for a change of pace and after a decent Combe du Signal it was apparent that the Pays Desert wasn’t worth skiing so we dove over the Col Pers, where we had great snow top to bottom. We then circled back around to ski good snow off the Borsat before finishing with the Familial. Olivier and Jean Marc were touring although I’m not too sure what they skied. Andreas was with his Thai clients on-piste for the most part while TJ continued with his beginner. I had a really good fast ski with Millie this afternoon and she’s flying now, especially once I took her poles away, which just seem to detract from what she’s doing with her feet. TJ had some excellent physio from Louise at Bonne Sante last night and got another ten degrees flexion, which is great news. Thanks Louise! Rumour has it that the sun will shine tomorrow morning before clouds roll in with a little snow. Sounds good to me!

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