Get well soon Deborah!

15 April 2012

It just keeps snowing but we were lucky again today to have enough visibility to have fun and not worry about getting disorientated. (which sucks, especially this late in the season) We were going to start off on Solaise but they were slow to open due to blasting so Chris and I headed up Bellevarde instead. The snow was lovely off the Verte and we had good skiing in the Lower Borsat followed by great snow on the piste down into Val Claret. From the top of the Grande Motte cable-car we skied 10cm’s on piste all the way down to the Vanoise chair where we can back up to ski two excellent runs off the Genepy and my shoulder. Up until this point the vis was pretty jolly good with that welcomed ‘light-bulb’ hanging above us but then it started to become more difficult. We felt our way down off the Genepy then took Les Tufs to access the Campanules, and the light improved just in time to help us down. Chris and I both finished on piste as it was really warming up and we were all getting tired. (Thomas was working as well today but he had a late start and I’m not too sure what he skied this morning.)

It was John and Margaret’s last day of their season and they skied with their daughter Dawn and grandson Luke. It’s not everyday you ski with three generations of the same family and it was a pleasure to have them all along.

Thanks Margaret for a fantastic drinks party last night and to Penny for a lovely meal.

The weather is forecast to continue as is but with a clear day on Tuesday before snow moving back in for the rest of the week. No wonder the marmottes never came out on mass back when we had three weeks of summer-like weather. Clever things marmottes!

Sports Report- I was well pleased with the Hammers 6-0 win yesterday, but it’s a shame we couldn’t have scored another goal in a few other games and not been in the situation we’re in now. Still, Southampton may fold but we need to win the rest of our games to stand any chance of automatic promotion. And the Stanley Cup Ice Hockey Playoffs are in full swing and incredibly competitive. Check the highlights of

PS I just heard that Deborah Finlay has had some terrible luck and has suffered a nasty broken leg. The accident happened on piste on none other than Friday the 13th! She is in the hospital in Bourg and everyone at Alpine wishes her a speedy and full recovery. I hope to see you back on the golf course soon Deborah!

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