Deep up on the glacier!

16 April 2012

After a day in Tignes yesterday we all headed up to the Fornet hoping there was enough new snow to cover the tracks because a couple of days ago it was a little rough underfoot in places. We started out in pretty flat light in the Combe du Signal and although you could feel the old tracks, it was significantly better than Saturday and a good start. After the Combe we headed upstairs hoping for better vis and fortunately we broke into much clearer skies and we could see for most of the morning. The real surprise however, was the amount of fresh snow on the glacier. There was between 50 and 60cm’s of cold winter snow and we needed to search out the steeper slopes in order to gain some momentum. We skied two runs in the Combe du 3300 followed by two more runs in the Pays Desert, where we snuck through the rocks to gain access to the steep slopes halfway down. It was brilliant skiing, great ambience, and another mid-winter day in the middle of April!

Adrian organised a 30-year reunion for Dick’s last night and I popped by for an hour to visit some old friends. It was a real blast from the past with people I haven’t seen in ages and there was a video playing of a BBQ at the ranch featuring Wuz, Stretch, and Hort to name a few. Many of the old faces had their children along, which really shows how time has raced by. To name a few there was David and Lolo (plus kids), Kevin D, Moose, alias ML, plus Jane and children, Piers W, Dave C, Chenko and Sam, Doctor Ian with Steve, Joe, John D, and Richard F, and Matt and Ellie with their girls Jesse and Lara. (Matt of Ski Sunday and Olympic commentator for the Women’s Beach Volleyball fame was nursing a dislocated shoulder, ouch! He did it on the nursery slopes and managed to ski directly to Doctor Al’s where he fortunately had it reduced within 15 or 20 minutes.) It was a terrific session, which I’m sure for some went well into the evening, and thank you Adrian for organising it.

I had a dinner reservation at John and Margaret’s, which kept me in less trouble, and it was a great evening with their family plus Pat W, Laura, and Chris. Thanks Margaret for a fantastic meal and see you and your clan next November!

Millie and Katie returned to school in England today and Gill starts work tomorrow. Good luck girls! Although the skiing is wonderful and I’ve been socialising, I miss you all! (I’m now off the social scene for a few nights and will take it easy and watch a little footie)

PS Can you believe it, I forgot to mention Dick!

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