Great skiing but a really tough morning!

17 April 2012

After all the snow at the Fornet I thought I’d play it safe today by avoiding the steep slopes on the Grand Torsai and going to Tignes for a gentle morning. We started off with a good test off the Verte (in fog) and a lovely Lower Borsat (flattish light) so I decided to head up to the Motte where it was starting to clear. The team arrived to beautiful sunshine and I was surprised that the snow had started to ‘turn’ so we skied a nice run in spring snow before cutting back to the Leisse. On the way up I spotted a route I’d never skied before with perfectly smooth spring snow so I decided to give it a go. I had Michelle right behind me but unfortunately she fell and took a nasty ‘whipper’. I managed to stop her and keep her slide to a minimum but she was pretty shaken and banged up. Once we had her back up on her feet and into her skis we started back down to get her to the doctors, and route we skied some great powder and Michelle skied really well. (She was running on adrenaline and there was no doubt in my mind she needed to go home) Once down Michelle went off to Doctor Al’s and we continued up for a good run in the Chardonnet followed by a bonus pitch off the Grand Huit before joining the piste to the bottom. We arrived at the Aeroski to find that Jean was no where in sight and I immediately started to worry about him being taken out in a collision. To cut a long story short, poor Jean had dislocated his shoulder again trying to avoid a little girl. He had planted his pole, which became stuck in the snow and the jolt pulled his shoulder out. It’s the same shoulder he dislocated two seasons ago and fortunately he was in a lot less pain than last time around. What a bummer and that’s how our ‘gentle’ morning ended up!

Meanwhile, the rest of the team had a fantastic morning around the Motte and Campanules, Chris added a little ‘skin’ and Andreas skied the Chardonnet and a wonderful Sache. The boys all finished up in the Familial while my team skied the piste with Jean’s skis, poles and sac-a-dos.

Thanks Penny for escorting Jean to the Medical Centre in Tignes and thanks Doctor Al for taking care of Michelle who’s been ordered to stay quiet for 24 hours and hopefully she’ll be back in action on Thursday.

And a big Happy Birthday to Richard H!

PS And what a brilliant effort from Jean who went home and updated his photos after his injury. Wow!

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