Just what I needed!

18 April 2012

After a tough day yesterday with Michelle and Jean’s incidents I really needed a ‘pick-me-up’ this morning, and what a stunning morning it turned out to be! It was clear for the first half of the night so we had a good re-freeze before it clouded over and started snowing lightly later on and we started the day with cloud cover with the promise of some clear patches. (Believe me, clear patches are keeping us sane at the moment!) I headed towards the Sachette with Chris and Thomas and after skiing some excellently groomed pistes we ‘skinned’ up into the Sachette. For the first time all season the big couloir before the Sachette was ready to be skied, and my team did it brilliantly! There was a perfectly smooth base with 25 to 30cm’s on top and it was delightful with wonderful ambience. Dan, Penny, Blue and Mark were grinning from ear to ear with satisfaction from a job well done. Bravo team! Chris and Thomas traversed into the Sachette itself and had wonderful skiing as well in great snow. We all had good powder for another pitch or two before turning directly onto the spring slopes, which worked to the bottom. On the way back we enjoyed a bonus pitch off the Bleuets before finishing off with some technique in a very pleasant Familial.

Meanwhile. Andreas had some VIP reps who wanted to ‘skin’ so after much thought Andreas decided to give the Col des Fours a go. He walked up under cloud cover, which is quite unnerving but ended up with the skies clearing for his run down. They stayed north and had great powder down to the refuge before turning to the spring slopes on the way out. Well done Andreas as being on your own in flat light is no fun and you deserved a break in the weather. Well done!

I had my annual lunch with Blue and Nina, washed down with fabulous Belgian beer at the Brussels this afternoon. It was a terrific session and since we all had such a great morning Penny, Mark, Tim and his son Dan all joined Blue, Nina and I. It was evident that Tim was under the spell when during his second pint he started going on about the texture and bouquet of the beer and how it surrounds your mouth with pleasure. I warned him then that is exactly what happened to me four years ago when I suffered the worst ‘chemical reaction’ of my life, drinking the same beer in the same company. (there’s a reason I drink half-pints) Anyway, after another beer plus a Genepy Dan escorted him home happily and safely. (I must say the food was excellent and very well priced, which always goes down well when your having a great time!)

Michelle is hoping to ski tomorrow although she is very stiff and sore and it was a shame that she and Jean missed this morning. We were thinking of you both!

I’m looking forward to a quiet night on the sofa watching Chelsea try to deal with Barcelona this evening.

It clouded over this afternoon and started to snow again and the wind seems to be picking up. Who knows what tomorrow will bring! (Don’t forget to check out today’s photo on my link)

I just foud out no one is taking care of the office as it’s Lousie’s night off, so off I go half-pissed to do the business.

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