Back to the Sachette!

19 April 2012

We had another good freeze last night and it was snowing again this morning. The forecast was for pretty flat light but fortunately for the most part, the vis was better than expected. Chris, Thomas and I all started off with the Alti-port en route to the Little Lavachet and it was an excellent start to the morning. As Chris said the Alti-port was like “white velvet” while the Lavachet supported nicely with 5 to 10cm’s on top. From there I headed back to the Sachette because it was so good yesterday and with a good cushion of new snow overnight it was the best powder show on offer. Andreas was ahead of me and had great skiing in the couloir we skied yesterday as our tracks had completely disappeared overnight and it was ‘clean’ again. My team skied the couloir to the right, which I haven’t skied in years and it was wonderful with great ambience. The next few pitches were still beautiful powder before we switched to spring snow to the bottom. Once out of the Sache we skied a good pitch off the Rhododendron before skiing one in the Campanules and then because of a nasty fog rolling in we finished on the piste.

After the Lavachet Chris skied the Sachette while Thomas skied the Cocaine Sud and I’m not too sure what Henry skied this morning. Andreas came back around to ski the Sache from the chairlift entrance and everyone chose to avoid the fog on the way home. It was another fantastic day with just enough light but everyone in town except for skiers is sick of the weather and would like to see some sunshine. (Some skiers would like to see the sun as well but it’s been so good you can’t complain and we’ve been lucky so far with the visibility)

More substantial snow is forecast this evening and the avalanche risk is forecast to go to 4/5 for tomorrow, so we could be in for a tricky one. Stay tuned!

I’d like to say hello to Gill, Millie and Katie, who are keeping track of what’s happening here on the blog. They’ve settled in back at school, Gill’s back to work but they’re all looking forward to some better weather. (At least here we can have fun with our precipitation) Anyway, I love you girls and miss you loads!

Sports Report- Wow, what a match last night! Barca totally dominated but Chelsea defended brilliantly, rode their luck, had great goalkeeping, and had a stunning performance from Didier Drogba who worked incredibly hard all night, defended brilliantly, rolled around on the ground just enough to give his team periodic breathers, and expertly took the only chance Chelsea had all night with his left foot. I’m going to miss the big baby when he retires! And you were right about Bayern Derek!

PS The avalanche risk is set to stay at 3/5, not 4/5.

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