To the Fornet for a change of sector!

20 April 2012

It snowed again during the night and the entire team decided on a change of scenery and headed up towards the Fornet. My team skied the Mattis en-route while the rest of the boys skied variations around the ‘L’ to the Laisinant Express. Once up at the Fornet tests in the Combe du Signal told us there was a ‘track’ problem and we’d need to find areas that hadn’t been skied to keep it comfortable underfoot. After skiing a decent run in the 3300 I decided to go over the Col where far less people have been skiing and the base would be smoother. Andreas was just ahead of me and after a murky start we had pretty good visibility most of the way down. The first third was superb with a good 40cm’s of light powder, and the second third was excellent skiing as well but with a slight crust in the base. (I was surprised as there is no sign of that crust in Tignes but it makes sense as in Tignes there has been less snow, which has been able to transform much quicker leaving a firmer base underfoot for the fresh snow to settle on) The bottom third was much more ‘educational’ but still good skiing until the last Combe, which was rubbish, although I have skied it in worse conditions. There was a huge herd of chamois on the way out for our viewing pleasure and it was nice to have a change of sectors today.

Chris, Thomas and Henry stayed up for one way out in the Pays Desert, which I’m sure was good as it was clearing up at altitude. They then finished with a Col Pers while Andreas went back up for a quick one in the Grand Vallon.

I’m off down to Bourg to get a headlight fixed as I don’t want to be drawing attention to myself with the Gendarmes at the toll booths. Plus it might be a good idea to be able to see!

Thanks Stephen and Kaye for a great meal last night. It was lovely to see Jean again before he goes and I look forward to seeing you both on Monday.

I had a great chat with my Dad a few nights ago and I’m really looking forward to my visit to Canada on May 3rd. I’m going for 8-days before returning in August for two weeks with the girls. See you soon BG!

I just notice this morning that the link to Dave Stevenson’s Smile-Train charity wasn’t working properly. Chris has fixed it so please look on the News Page and donate to Dave’s charity, as ‘Alpine’ have down well in the past helping to raise money for good causes. Besides riding on his own Dave has pledged to match pound-for-pound the money donated up to £20,000, just to show you he’s serious! Good luck Dave!

Correction: Chris and Thomas teamed up and stayed on the glacier all morning giving the Col a miss. The bottom sucked anyway!

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