Walking on sunshine!

21 April 2012

For the first time in ages we were greeted with sunshine this morning and the entire village was smiling. The bus drivers were smiling, people in the street who were about to spend the rest of the day in shops or offices were smiling, and anyone who skis daily was grinning from ear to ear. I felt like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever as I was strutting down the pavement to the bus stop. I couldn’t have cared less what the snow was like (it was superb) because it was so uplifting to know that flat-light and fog wasn’t going to be the main feature of the morning, and everyone was in the mood!

After a good test and warm-up off the Verte Chris and I skied the North Face of the Borsat from the top and it was excellent skiing with that bit of ambience that goes down nicely. From there I headed up the Col des Ves for some great snow and atmosphere as we skied the ‘Hour-glass’ couloir on the big face of the Balme. From there we went upstairs to ski two excellent runs on Wayne’s Shoulder, followed by more great skiing on the Cairn and a warm but satisfying Familial to finish a fantastic morning.

Meanwhile, after the Borsat Chris joined Andreas for the Chardonnet before circling back around to join me off my shoulder followed by the Cairn and Familial while Andreas continued on for a gorgeous Sachette with John D and Steve D. Andreas then finished up with the Spatule before heading off to the Perdrix with the boys to celebrate a great morning. (John was wondering what his pals were up to today! Smug son-of-a-gun!)

I know how Andreas felt as I was so pleased with my morning that I did something incredibly dangerous and instigated a Belgian beer at the Brussels with Blue and Nina. The rest of the team thought that was a cracking idea so Tim, Dan, Mark, Pascale and her husband Clive and I all joined Blue and Nina on the terrace. (I noticed that Tim and Dan are fast learners and they ordered half’s instead to pints!) Anyway, at 3:30 and after more than one we all merrily left to try to resurrect our day.
(Can you tell I’ve had a couple or three?)

I’m not too sure about tomorrow’s weather but I don’t care as I’ve my first morning off in such a long time and I’m going to savour it while preparing myself for the last 9-days of what has been a most memorable enjoyable season. Stay tuned!

PS Guess what? It’s chucking down big flakes again! (6PM)

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