A much needed day of rest!

22 April 2012

What a day! It was my first morning off since January and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. After a little lie in I went to the leisure centre with Stephen, Kaye and Christian for a swim followed by a jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath. Very luxurious indeed! We then all went to the Billabong/Roxy burger bar for lunch before I headed home to do a little packing for my exit May 1st. I waxed my skis while keeping track of the United v Everton match and at 4-2 I went off for a bath. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got out and checked the score to find it had ended 4-4, and all of a sudden the title race is back on! After a quick trip to the shop I had an excellent massage from Louise at Bonne Sante (thanks very much Louise) then watched the rest of the Wolves v City match. (Now the United fans do really have something to worry about as Carlos still may come back to haunt them) It was a very relaxing day, which was much needed, and I’m now ready to finish the season feeling refreshed.

As for the skiing today, only Henry was on the mountain and I’ve no idea what he skied. He will have had a good day as it snowed last night and the visibility was good all morning long.

And thanks Suzanne for a lovely dinner last night!

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