Another brilliant day of December powder in April!

24 April 2012

Wow, what a morning! It has snowed fairly hard since late yesterday afternoon and we had a good 50cm’s of fresh powder in places. The avalanche risk was 4/5 and there were winds of 70kph from the southwest and west during the night so it was a delicate day with a limited opening, but Chris and I managed a ‘maximum-turn’ session of the highest quality. We started with two runs on Solaise, which were a great taster before we caught the Olympique just as it was opening to access a terrific run on the Fontaine Froide. From there we had two runs of the deepest snow of the morning on the Grand Pre followed by one off the Verte, two on Bonnevie’s Drag, one under the Mont Blanc chair to the bottom via the Lower Familial, another off the Verte, one off the Diebold, and another under the Mont Blanc and to the bottom to finish. I thought (with Mark’s nod and a wink) that we’d ski a few extra bonus turns in the trees so we dove off the trail into the Lower Piste Perdue, which was jolly good fun but really finished us off. (Chris skied the entire Piste Perdue earlier in the morning) It was a fantastic morning made all the better because the resort is empty!

Thomas and Andreas enjoyed the day off while we saw Henry and Ginnie out for a ski together around the Grand Pre. Nice ‘sniff’ Henry!

Sports Report- It was a great win for the Hammers last night, which still gives us a chance at automatic promotion, although it’s out of our hands and depends on the Hammers winning and a miraculous performance from already-relegated Coventry. And what about tonight’s match between Barca and Chelsea, I can hardly wait!

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