What else can I say?

25 April 2012

It cleared up during the night and with cold temperatures we had another morning of superb winter powder. The sky was clear around 7AM and we started off with excellent visibility, but the light deteriorated and became quite ‘flat’ by 11 o’clock. Chris, Andreas and I all headed towards the Fornet for a change of scenery and enjoyed some wonderful skiing around the Pyramid. After several rotations we almost changed sectors because of the slow and limited opening but they opened the Pissailles Glacier just in time and we had some great skiing upstairs in the 3300 and Pays Desert. It was another morning of ‘maximum-turns’, and with an avalanche risk at 4/5 the boys did a good job of finding fantastic and safe skiing. Bravo team!

Chris skied with Damon, Heather and Rupert this morning (along with Louise and Suzanne) and we look forward to Damon’s annual video project. Damon always comes up with something interesting and he had a real cast of characters this morning to work with!

There was a serious avalanche in the Super Spatule/Couloir Central area on the Bellevarde sector yesterday. One skier was taken to hospital but we don’t have any more news than that.

I forgot to mention that Gerard Scaraffioti, the owner of the Casa Scara restaurant, died of a heart attack a few days ago. His funeral was attended by around 500 people, including Jean-Claude Killy and the church couldn’t hold all those who wanted to attend.

Sports Report- Stephen, Dave and David came over to my place to watch the game with me last night, and once Chelsea went down to 10-men and down 2-nil, we figured everyone would be going home at half-time. But what a fabulous fight-back and end to an intriguing two-leg encounter. What a team performance and it will be a travesty if Roberto di Matteo doesn’t get offered the managerial job! (Do you read my blog Roman!) Can Bayern turn over Real tonight? Derek thinks so and it should be another great match!

PS Time is running out to sponsor Dave’s 1000-mile solo bike ride. Please have a look at his link on the News Page (second para down) and donate to a great cause. Even a fiver will help!

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