Our 'winter powder' run comes to an end!

27 April 2012

We’ve had an incredible run this April with perhaps the best powder skiing of the season, but it came to a grinding halt today as yesterday’s warmth and lack of freeze overnight made for tough conditions this morning. There is still powder to be had, but it’s way up high and on steep slopes, which are suspect at the moment. It’s been a long time since we’ve experienced such a lack of re-freeze so high up the mountain, and it’s forecast to be even warmer tonight with winds nearing the 100kph mark. Wish us luck!

As for today’s skiing, I really quite enjoyed it! The pistes early on were superb and I was in the mood for a little ‘technique’, so I subjected my poor team to it off-and-on during the morning. Chris and I took our teams as high as possible and we had a few turns of warm-powder off the Motte, but on the gentle slopes of the Rosolin it was ‘educational’ skiing to say the least, which fit in nicely with my ‘technique’ theme. Derek then gently took out Dave while stopping on the piste and broke his pole in half so I was left skiing the rest of the morning (in ’educational snow) with one pole. We then tried a run of my shoulder, which was pretty good as we found some good winded snow, which supported, and made for a bit of adventure. After that we stayed on piste for the rest of the morning.

Andreas and Henry started their tour this morning and they headed to the Col des Fours to stay the night in the Fours refuge. I think they’ll have had some warm powder on the way down to the refuge and I hope it freezes for them tonight. (And us as well for that matter) Good luck boys!

Sports Report- I just went to check the Hammers score, but of course it’s Friday and I’m a day early!

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