Happy Birthday Paul!

28 April 2012

Yesterday we had absolutely no re-freeze and this morning it was even warmer with 11C in the village at 8AM. Ridiculous! Anyway, off-piste skiing was out of the question so I took my team for a good hard piste ski working on some of the things we covered yesterday. We headed towards the Motte (which was closed of course because of high winds) and had two superb runs down from the Funicular. The pistes were excellent and had the feel of perfect spring snow so we could really work our edges. From there we came back to our side of the mountain to avoid being stuck in Tignes as the connecting lifts could have been closed at any moment. We came back to ski the Marmottons Express as the snow quality there was still very good because lower down the snow was getting very sticky. Penny peeled out around 11:45 and Derek and Paul headed for Paul’s birthday lunch around 12:15 and Dave, David, Stephen and I continued on until 1:50. Bravo everyone for hanging in there and making the most of the conditions.

Chris and Suzanne were skiing with Tilly and James R and they went up to the Fornet but I’ve no idea what they skied, what was open or how long they lasted.

Andreas and Henry sensibly returned from their tour a day early as conditions just weren’t safe enough to be out in the middle of the mountains. Without a good solid freeze they would have been at risk if they had continued on and the forecast wasn’t promising, so they returned early this morning from the Fours refuge. As it was they witnessed a slide and everyone appreciated Andreas and Henry’s decision. Well done boys!

I’m packing and cleaning and generally trying to get organised for my trip back to England on Tuesday. With conditions such as they are I’m going to leave early and try to arrive at the decent time Tuesday night instead of 4AM on Wednesday, especially since I’ve an early flight to Calgary on Thursday. Hopefully the weather will cheer up in England so I can take Millie to school on her bike on Wednesday. Missing you girls and really looking forward to seeing you!

Sports Report- I’ve just checked the scores and Southampton are up 2-0 so it doesn’t really matter what the Hammers do. Unfortunately it looks like the play-offs!

PS I only took three photos today!

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