Stinker? Not today!

29 April 2012

At 7AM it looked absolutely dreadful outside. My wooded table had been blown across the terrace by the 150kph winds recorded at 1:30AM and it was raining ropes! At 8AM it didn’t look much better but I headed off to meet the faithful at the Gourmandine and sure enough, Penny, Paul and Derek all showed up ready for action. By this stage it wasn’t raining as hard and we headed up the Olympique to test and snow and after our first turn we knew it as game on! The base was still spongy but with the cushion of new snow we stayed on top and it skied beautifully. Because of the wind very little was open but we had a ‘maximum-turn’ type of morning using the Marmottons Express, Grand Pre and Bonnevie’s Drag. In fact Sarah, yelled, “You idiot”! with a smile on her face when we passed by early on. (At this stage we were the only people on the mountain) It gradually started to clear and we had great visibility most of the morning and Derek and Paul finished their seasons with a cracking good morning.

We all then ate at the Burger Bar and it was Penny’s first trip to Millie and Katie’s favourite resto. (I must admit to being fairly partial to the place as well!) I then went to the Pool and had a fantastic steam, sauna, whirlpool, and swim with Stephen while Kaye and Christian went to little Leo’s birthday party.

I’m off to pack now and hope that my season finishes tomorrow with skiing as good as we surprisingly enjoyed today!

Sports Report- Have you ever seen a better quality hat-trick than the one that little racist Suarez scored for Liverpool yesterday? Absolutely brilliant! And I hope Big Sam can get the boys back to the Premiership through the playoffs, fingers crossed!

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