Thank you all, what a magnificent season!

30 April 2012

At 6AM it was looking like we were in for some good visibility to finish our season, but by ‘show-time’ it had socked-in and we were left in flat-light for most of the morning. Chris, Andreas and I all headed up to the Fornet hoping for some powder but the wind was still howling and Chris and I decided to head straight over the Col for some shelter and ’clean’ snow. The entrance has gone from nothing but rocks all season long to incredibly loaded after days of strong Foehn winds, and we needed to step in carefully. (Just what you need on your last day!) Anyway, once in we had the place to ourselves and it was compacted powder to start with before turning to pretty quickly to supporting snow for the rest of the way down. It was good skiing , great ambience and an adventurous finish to the season.

Pietro is here with Sue and friend and they came over the Col sometime after us while Andreas started with the 3300 and I’m not too sure what he skied after that. It was great to see Pietro again and hopefully we’ll see more of him next season.

I had lunch at the Perdrix with Stephen, Kaye and Penny (thank you all) and I’m now about to get started with my final preparations for leaving in the morning. I’d thought I was pretty sorted but a couple of beers and some Rose at lunch changes one’s perspective and I’m not quite as efficient as I was hoping to be. (I could be a lot worse however as it could have been lunch with Blue!)

Anyway, it’s been a stunning season and everyone at ‘Alpine’ thanks you all for your continued support and loyalty! Stay tuned for news during the summer.

Sports Report- I’m seriously looking forward to the City v United match tonight at Geoff and Inga’s. If it matches the quality and intensity of last week’s Champion League games we’re in for a real treat! And it’s nice to see Fernando slowly turning back into the 50-million-euro-man.

See you soon girls, Daddy’s on his way!

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