Back and ready for summer!

14 May 2012

I returned to England May 1st and had a superb drive from Val d’Isere to the Channel tunnel, making it in just under 9-hours. In fact, after 9-and-a-quarter hours I’d changed my ticket and was sitting on a train ready for departure. I’m totally impressed by how the tunnel is run, at the ease of changing your booking and at how much quicker it is. I’ll never waste my time on the ferry again and once I’ve learned to text I can join the 21st Century!

After arriving back in England I left 18-hours later to visit my family in Canada. It was a great trip and besides awaking to falling snow on the second day the weather was much sunnier than anything I’ve experienced over the past month in either France or England. I spent a lot of time watching the NHL Ice Hockey playoffs with my Dad, and they were incredibly exciting, as well as the NBA Basketball Playoffs and the Toronto Blue Jays baseball games. A sportsman’s paradise really! I even woke up at 6AM to watch the City v Newcastle game last Sunday. Brilliant! I managed to put on a few pounds as we ate incredibly well and had the BBQ fired up most evenings. I’ll be going back in August for a couple of weeks with the girls and we’ll all be looking forward to that.

It was wonderful to spend yesterday with the girls as I’ve only seen them for a few hours during the last month. We went to Blackheath to take advantage of the sunshine, then I snuck out to watch the second-half of the City v QPR match (Wow!), followed by a BBQ before watching a fantastic wildlife programme on TV. It was a great day and I then collapsed into bed after being up for about 36-hours!

I’ll be posting some periodic news items during the summer but will be adding photos to an Out-of-Season album on a fairly regular basis, so do log-on and have a look.

In the meantime, have a great summer!

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