Next winter's planning is up and running!

11 June 2012

The weather of late has been pretty jolly depressing but we did manage a lovely weekend in Brighton with Jonathan. Brighton is a fantastic place and we had a great time along the sea-front, walking the Lanes, people watching, visiting the aquarium, playing in the penny arcade and shopping in the Taj, which is wonderful with just about everything Indian/Asian you can think of. We had a brilliant BBQ with lamb from the Taj and it was so good I bought 24 chops to take home! The girls camped in a tent in Jonathan’s hallway before scaring themselves silly on the trampolines and it was a top couple of days. Thank you very much Jonathan for the hospitality! (Check photos)

I’m getting ready for the England v France game, which starts in just over an hour’s time and let’s hope the boys can play above themselves without the heavy expectation that normally seems to cripple them on these big occasions.

The 2012/13 season planning is now up and running so please get in touch as soon as you know your dates.

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