A few centimetres fell overnight

06 April 2008

A few centimetres fell overnight and it was snowing lightly with grey skies and flat-light when we left the Gourmadine. Luckily it cleared up around 10:30 and the sun came out turning a dull morning into another stunning day. Chris and I skied the Little Lavachet, which was excellent, followed by a great Sachette with powder and spring snow, and a good Familial to finish. Olivier had a fantastic morning around the Motte and Andreas and TJ continued with their on-piste privates, while Thomas had the day off. The forecast is a little unknown, with rumours of 100kph winds in the village tonight followed by -15 to -20C temperatures in the morning. I’ve also heard that we could receive one metre of snow between Tuesday and Wednesday accompanied by nasty winds. Time will tell.

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