"Daddy, my croc!".

21 June 2012

We’re still waiting for summer although we’ve had some lovely days mixed in with the grey skies, just enough to keep us sane. We’ve still managed loads of out-door activities and it hasn’t been so wet to stop me playing golf! We had a great bike ride on Father’s Day and poor Katie hit a root on the path and pitched herself into the Wey River. The poor little sausage was shocked and the first thing she yelled when she surfaced was, “ My croc! ”. Fortunately crocs float so I managed to retrieve it before dragging the brave Katie through the stinging nettles to the river bank. She then said, “ Mummy, I need a dock leaf! ”. Anyway, we dried her off as best we could and finished our ride before having Fred and Liz over for a superb Father’s Day BBQ in the evening.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Euros and have been watching games most evenings. It’s been nice to watch some new players playing for England and fingers crossed that they can progress to the next round on Sunday night against the Italians. (Hopefully Mario won’t show up!)

I haven’t heard from the rest of the boys lately but I do know Andreas is taking tennis lessons and starting to play in tournaments, and at the moment he’s on holidays in Sweden with his family. Chris and Suzanne have been busy in Normandy but are now in Val d’Isere for a few days, TJ is in Scotland, Thomas was on a little holiday last I heard, Henry is enjoying fatherhood and is expecting again, Pietro is working on his park in Italy, and Oli and JM will be doing their summertime thing in the Pyrenees and beyond. Stay tuned for another update soon and don’t forget to check the Out-of-Season photos from time-to-time.

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