Waiting for sunshine!

04 July 2012

Can you believe this weather? I must say I’ve never experienced such a poor summer weather-wise but we’ve made the most of every window of opportunity to get outside and be active. We’ve been walking and cycling, the girls have been playing at the local park and are really into climbing trees, Gill has been playing a fair amount of tennis and I’ve been golfing pretty regularly. Besides being a member at Hurtmore I’ve joined Bramley as a Social Member, which allows me to use there excellent practice facilities. The Bramley course is three-minutes from home, which is jolly convenient, and they let me take Millie and Katie to use the practice area before we enjoy drinks and crisps on the terrace of the clubhouse. I’m an incredibly happy chappie about this as the girls show potential and seem to be really enjoying it!

We’re looking forward to a week on the Isle of Wight at the end of July and needless to say we’re hoping for the summer to arrive before then. After that we’re heading to Canada for just over two weeks to visit my family, walk in the mountains and do a little camping in the Rockies. Yahoo!

On the sports front I thoroughly enjoyed the Euros, it was a great tournament and even though England’s weak points were highlighted they did have their moments and gave their fans some pleasure, certainly more than the Dutch fans received. The best team won in the end and what an incredible accomplishment for this generation of Spanish players. When you look at Spain’s achievements over the past four-years it makes you cringe at how the English press used to go on about England’s ‘Golden Generation’ and how little they little they accomplished on the pitch. I’m also loving Wimbledon and thank goodness for the roof on Centre Court or there wouldn’t be much tennis being played. (Gill and her Mum had Centre Court tickets yesterday and had a wonderful day). And next up on the summer sports calendar is the Olympics, which should be absolutely fantastic!

Stay tuned for more news soon and don’t forget to check the Out-of-Season photos.

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