Oh Canada!

07 August 2012

I’m off to Canada on the 9th for 16-days with Millie and Katie, while Gill will be joining us on the 18th for a week. We’re all really looking forward to visiting with my family and spending some time in the splendid Rockies, with a couple of days camping near Lake Louise with Tony M and his family. Hopefully we’ll be lucky with the weather and get a couple of weeks of 28 to 30 degrees!

What’s been a pretty poor summer weather-wise has been saved by a magnificent series of sporting events starting with the Euros and followed by Wimbledon, the Open and now the Olympics, which have been stunning. I can’t believe how excited Millie and Katie have been by it all so far, and they’ve both decided they want to be Olympic athletes in the future. To sit and watch the girls enjoying sport on TV and wanting to listen to the interviews and stay up late for more Phelps and Bolt has made their sports-nut Dad a happy chappie.

We had a nice visit in Oxford last weekend with Michael R. He laid on a lovely lunch for Penny, Richard, Ray, and the girls and I, and it was a great afternoon. Thanks Michael. And Gill and I had a fantastic evening last night with Peter and Claire Campbell celebrating Pascale’s birthday. We thought we were dining at their home but it turned out to be a birthday party at a great local pub with their sons Pierre and Julian along with about 20 of their friends. ( I was slightly under-dressed in my shorts but what the heck!) Thanks very much for the invite and Pascale’s husband Clive put on a cracking good show! ( Actually it was quite brilliant! )

Stay tuned and it won’t be long now before skiing starts to creep into our thoughts!

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