A great day out on the Lazy Otter!

08 October 2012

We enjoyed a fantastic day on the water on Saturday as we went for our annual sail with Andy and Julia and their lovely girls Anna and Pip. The weather was extremely kind to us with the sun shining almost the entire day, and at this time of year that’s a real bonus when you’re on the water and hoping for a little wind. Anna and Millie spent a lot of time together back when Andy and Julia lived in Val d’Isere for a few winters and they had a lovely time catching up with one another. Meanwhile, Katie took care of three-year-old Pip, which is rather surprising as Katie doesn’t often show maternal instincts. Well done Katie! We had an excellent lunch washed down with a few beers and thanks very much Andy and Julia for another wonderful day out on the Lazy Otter! (Check photos)

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