Bloody hell!

07 April 2008

Bloody hell! What an unexpectedly brilliant ‘maximum-turn’ day we were treated to today! The 100kph winds didn’t arrive, it was -7C at 8AM in town instead of -15 to -20C, and the overcast skies cleared quickly leaving us with another wonderfully sunny day. The first run was very cold however as the wind was strong enough to chill anyone under-dressed to the bone, but the wind calmed down and wasn’t really a factor. Chris and I were about to ‘skin’ to Mont Roup to ski 5 cm’s on a spring base, but after testing the snow off the Verte we realised that there was at least 10cm’s in the gullies and on the lee slopes and headed instead towards the Motte. We were stunned by the quantity and quality of the snow upstairs. It varied from 20 cm’s to knee deep in places, and it’s been awhile since Red Ray has taken face-shots like he did today. My team skied the Verte, the Borsat, the Col du Palet, four off the Leisse, a Genepy to the bottom, and a Familial to finish. Well done David B, who skied beautifully today and bravo Kathy R! Chris, who was skiing with just Tejina and Gill, skied the same as my team plus two more runs off the Leisse, making a ‘mega-maximum-turn’ morning. Bravo JC and girls! (As Tejina said today, “Leisse is more!”) Olivier and Thomas skied Tignes-way with initiation groups and did a great job ‘hooking’ them to ‘Alpine’ for the future. Well done boys! TJ is feeling stronger by the day and will guide off-piste on Thursday and Friday while Andreas continues with his Thai family. A little snow is forecast for tonight with light snow and grey skies tomorrow with warmer weather and Foehn/Lombarde winds. We’ll wait and see, but I’m still shaking my head, what a day!

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