The snow cover is looking promising!

12 November 2012

I was just looking at the webcams and it’s a stunning day in Val d’Isere with clear blue skies and what seems to be a pretty good covering of snow for this time of year. They’ve had the snow cannons running on the lower slopes and the Glaciers and summit of Solaise look great. Fingers crossed that it stays cold enough to keep the snow cannons operating and hopefully some more snow will fall before the opening weekend!

Sports Report- What a day yesterday with the Hammers picking up three points away at Newcastle and my man Roger giving Andy a reality check. I’m looking forward to watching some football in December with Johnny ‘Alpine’ and like the rest of you United supporters, I’m sure you’re all enjoying the view at the top of the table. And I was thinking of Derek last week as Glasgow must have been rocking after Celtics brilliant win against Barcelona!

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