Oh what a bummer!

15 November 2012

Chris just sent an email with a photo of the top of Solaise and the snow cover looks absolutely brilliant for this time of year. The pre-Christmas part of the season is perhaps my favourite time of the winter and when conditions are kind the skiing is fabulous with wonderful ambience stemming from everyone being happy to be skiing again, the bar and shop keepers being in great moods because they are making money again, and the best bit is the resort is empty. If you’ve never tried skiing in early December, this might be a good time to have a go!

My darling 9-year-old daughter Millie needed to leave school early today with a toothache, which has had a few treatments on it already, and she had to have it extracted. Ouch! Gill was well impressed with Millie’s bravery (Gill hates the dentist and is extremely squeamish) and the dentist told Millie she was a better patient than most grown men. Bravo Millie!

Sports Report- This morning I played my last golf competition before heading back to France and for 14-holes was playing my best golf of the summer. But after scoring 35 Stableford points through 14-holes disaster struck, and I finished with a triple bogey, triple bogey, bogey, and triple bogey to ruin what had been an incredibly satisfying morning. Bummer! Bummer! Bummer! (I bet you can imagine what I really said under my breath) Still, I’ll remember the good shots and it was fun, but…!

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