Stay tuned for the 2012/13 Daily Diary!

23 November 2012

My departure for Val d’Isere is getting closer and it’s getting a little frantic as far as organising everything I need to do, pack, and then not leave anything behind, such as the planning! With the dreadful weather of late I’m looking forward to some sunshine and of course, some skiing. The webcams show a good snow cover above 2500 metres and not much below, but it looks much better than it did at this time last season when we enjoyed fantastic skiing on the Pisaillas Glacier. I’m sure we’ll have a great start and hopefully a big snowfall is on the way.

I was sitting at the table with Millie (9 years-old) the other day and when she caught me daydreaming she said, “Dad, you look confused. You look like a moose that has lost its way in the woods!” Where did she come up with that one?

Anyway, opening day is almost here and the 20012/13 Daily Diary will be up and running again. Stay tuned!

PS As it’s ‘Alpine’s’ 20th season Chris has been updating some of the photos around the website with shots of days gone by. He’s also added photos featuring some of you so have a look around the site and see if you can spot yourself. And see if you can spot an old familiar face on the Guides page?

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