Expect e-mail delays!

27 November 2012

I’m getting ready to travel and will be leaving here around 3:30AM on the 29th and will be driving straight through, so expect delays regarding e-mails and web updates for the next few days. Hopefully my internet broadband will be connected so that I can get stuck in on arrival but unfortunately I’ve had delays the past four winters and have needed to travel to Chris’ place to send and receive as well as post the daily updates. Fingers crossed that Teleconnect do the business this time round and sorry in advance for any delays.

The forecast looks as though it should snow a little over the next few days, which would help to kick off the season. Looking at the webcams this afternoon gives the impression of it being mild and not quite cold enough for snow in the village, but here’s hoping it cools down and we get a dump before the weekend. (I’d prefer it to come after my arrival as I’m allergic to chains)

Stay tuned for the Daily Diary and photos as of December 1st!

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