Love you girls!

29 November 2012

I had an emotional farewell with the girls this morning at 3AM then drove straight through to Val d’Isere. Katie spoke to me and cuddled me in her sleep but Millie gets up for hugs and tears, bless her, then crawled in to keep Gill warm. On my way to the Shuttle I listened to Doctor Karl on ‘Up All Night’. He is a rather clever bloke who seems to know something about everything, and I listen to Doctor Karl exactly once a year while en-route. Once through the tunnel it was a cracking good drive and I took full advantage of the opportunity to crank the music up a little, but it was nice to finally get here. (And Gill was relieved as she always worries about me driving that far on my own)

With falling snow and snow covered trees it was really exciting to arrive to winter and the promise of a fantastic start. The liaison with Tignes will be open, which is great news but the bottom of La Daille is closed (yes you guessed it, due to the racing) and there isn’t enough snow yet to open the bottom of Solaise or the lower slopes at the Fornet. Still, it looks great, there’s a very good cover upstairs, and it’s still snowing! (Hopefully Chris will make it up tonight without too much difficulty as he forgot his chains. Good luck JC!) I’ve posted a couple of photos to help you get in the mood.

PS And I’m extremely happy that my internet connection is running on arrival for the first time in four-years. It’s such a pleasure to work in comfort on my sofa instead of running around town trying to do updates and answer emails. Also Johnny ‘Alpine’ arrives tonight and I’m hoping he’s up for West Hasm v Chelsea this Saturday?

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