How good was that?

01 December 2012

Wow, what a start! We all headed up to the Pisaillas Glacier at the Fornet and were treated to superb powder snow. Although it was a limited opening there was plenty enough room for the various ‘Alpine’ groups to ski fresh snow all morning long. It was a very good opening day turnout, as Chris skied with Johnny ‘Alpine’ and Richard Finlay, while Andreas skied with Peter and Clare, Steve D, Chrissie, and Jerry, and I had the pleasure of John, Margaret, Penny, and Richard Foster’s company. Thomas wasn’t working today but he skied with my group most of the morning before heading off to pick up his 13-month-old daughter Manon in Tignes. (Thomas starts with Maeve and Adrian tomorrow) After a sunny start it clouded over fairly quickly but enough light filtered through the cloud cover to give us pretty good visibility and a fantastic morning was enjoyed by all! (Check photos)

Decent vis is forecast for tomorrow before a chance on snow again on Monday. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately the Hammers are down 1-0 to Chelsea after 45 minutes but I’m praying for an equalizer or better in the second half. I’m heading up to John’s tonight to watch Reading v Man U. Thanks John!

PS. Wow, what a start to the season! Wonderful powder snow and West Ham coming back from a goal down to beat Chelsea 3-1. It’s ‘dreamland’ for the Hammers at the moment and I’m in an extremely good mood!

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