Not too bad for a stinker!

02 December 2012

The day started off teasingly brighter towards the Fornet and it was tempting to head that way for a quick Pays Desert and ‘skin’, but thank god we didn’t as it closed in quickly and the wind became ferocious by 11 o’clock. We all opted to take the Olympique and we spent the morning in flat light playing around off the Verte, Mont Blanc and lower Familial from the bridge. Eventually we were all driven indoors for shelter and a hot chocolate as the wind was bitter cold and any exposed was being hit by frostbite. (I’m not painting a very good picture, am I?) Anyway, we all knocked off between 12 and 12:30 but everyone had a pretty good time.

The lower slopes to the village are closed but we skied them today and I happy to report that the lower slopes at La Daille are now nicely covered and should be open, although being closed they’re extremely quiet, just they way we like them!

In my West Ham bliss yesterday I totally forgot about the rugby. Richard Finlay was telling me how he was watching it with some fellow Scots and as usual they were all cheering for England to lose. But he said England played so well that by the end they had the entire Scottish contingent cheering for them. Unbelievable! Back to the Hammers, I hope after yesterday and our place in the table that the stubborn fans inside Upton Park will now give Big Sam a break. I love the guy!

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