A tough start for JM and Oli!

03 December 2012

It was another good outing in spite of the conditions today. After opening my curtains this morning to lovely sunshine by ‘show-time’ it had clouded over, the wind had picked up, and with temperatures of -18C overnight, it was a little chilly as well. Thomas, Chris and I all took our groups up Bellevarde and yesterday’s winds of 120kph had destroyed the snow on the upper half of the mountain. Still, we managed to ‘sniff’ out some nice snow in protected gullies and in the lee, but it wasn’t a lot. After testing negative off the Verte (there were signs of a chance) we headed up the Borsat and skied the Little Face Nord and needed to traverse all the way across to the protected strip for some excellent snow and then spent the next half hour trying to ‘travel safely’ to get ourselves to the bottom in one piece.

We returned to our side of the mountain immediately in case the lifts shut down and skied a decent Familial to finish the off-piste phase of the morning. I then gave my team the option of carrying on with some technique and Chrissy, Terry, Alex and I ended up skiing until 1o’clock.

I’d like to drum up a round of applause for Maeve, Adrian, John, Margaret, Chrissy, Penny, Sylvie, and Richard, all of whom braved the elements and skied the past two days. It was nice to have Richard Finlay and his brother Roddy along today and what a first ‘Alpine Experience’ for Terry and his son Alex. Well done everyone!

Andreas was off today while Jean Marc and Olivier have arrived to ski with the Ski Club. I don’t envy them having to deal with today’s conditions on their first day. They’re skiing all-day and both of them are still out there while I’m warming up comfortably on my sofa. Bravo boys!

It’s snowing quite nicely now and we could see 30 to 40cm’s by tomorrow, but the big question is about what the wind is going to do?

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