Happy Birthday Suzanne!

04 December 2012

At least 50cm’s fell in the village overnight and with the wind and such a load of snow it’s no surprise that as of noon we still haven’t made a turn. Bummer! Anyway, I may get out later for a couple of hours of technique with Terry and his son Alex.

As you know JM and Oli are in town and this morning Pietro arrived, as well as Jean Ribart, who has already posted his first photos of the season, bravo Jean!

Suzanne has been busy over the past few days nursing a wounded sparrow hawk. She didn’t know what to do as first but has kept it alive and finally found someone in the ‘bird world’ to come and collect it. Well done Suzanne and I’ll try to get a photo up on the site as it’s a beautiful creature. I’ve heard from a reliable source (and it wasn’t Chris) that it’s Suzanne’s birthday today. I won’t say how many but happy big-one Suzanne!

Mark Weller, our polo-playing friend, has been to India and kayaked the great Brahmaputra River. Nice one Mark! And Radio Will has been in touch from the mid-Atlantic to say well done West Ham and to plug his book. It’s available from the Pacific Bar and should be a fantastic read. I’m going to get my copy and read it after I finish the 923-page Shantaram, which I’m working my way through. Anyway, Will’s book is called, ‘A View From the Cheap Seats- The Art of the Gap Decade’, and it promises to be very entertaining indeed.

Rumour has it they are slowly getting it together so I’m on my way out for a 2 o’clock rendezvous.

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