It was a year ago today that TJ had his accident

08 April 2008

It was a year ago today that TJ had his accident, and we celebrated the fact that he is still with us with an excellent morning and another ‘maximum-turn’ session. It didn’t snow overnight and with grey skies this morning expectations after yesterday weren’t that high. Chris and I headed back towards the Motte and after finding nice snow off the Verte and in the Borsat, we knew we had a chance at another great day, especially when the visibility was good. After the Verte and Borsat we skied two off the Leisse, a Genepy/Cairn to the bottom, then they opened the cable-car in front of us where we skied two superb runs on the Glacier in failing light, followed by another Genepy/Cairn to the bottom, and then a good piste cruise to Les Tufs. The quality of skiing lately has been fantastic and long may our run continue. Olivier and Thomas’ initiation groups are having a wonderful time and really loving it while TJ and Andreas are still on-piste. It’s trying to snow and the forecast is for the rain/snow limit to fluctuate between 1800 and 2400 metres over the next couple of days. Personally, most of the bad weather forecasted over the past few weeks hasn’t been nearly as bad as feared and we’ve been pleasantly surprised so often that I hardly take notice of the forecast these days. TJ’s coming over tonight for the Liverpool vs Arsenal match, which could be a cracker! (And come on you Hammers!)

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