Happy Birthday Tansy!

05 December 2012

It snowed about 20 to 30cm’s overnight with winds topping out at 95kph, but it was a totally different story to yesterday. The wind fortunately died down and the Solaise Express was the first lift to open around 9:30, followed by the Olympique shortly before ten, which was hours before anything yesterday. Yesterday’s snow off the piste was totally un-skiable as it was thigh-deep and dense, but that same dense layer supported last night’s snowfall resulting in some pretty good skiing. It was ‘educational’ at times and Terry and his son Alex, both new to ‘Alpine’ and off-piste, coped really well with it. Bravo boys! Chris skied with Olivier’s son Sasha (Andreas joined them for a run) while Pietro skied with Maeve, Adrian and Sylvie, and Oli and JM entertained the Ski Club. (The avalanche risk has been 4/5 for the past two days, contributing to the slow and limited opening)

Thanks very much to John F (alias Johnny ‘Alpine’) for a fabulous curry last night. The ginger chicken was lovely but the spicy slow-cooked-leg-of-lamb was truly outstanding. Brilliant!

It’s still snowing lightly this afternoon and we may see some clearer spells over the next few days. Just in time for Derek who has a knack for early-season skiing!

And a big happy birthday to Tansy today!

PS I’ve added a photo of the sparrow-hawk that Suzanne nursed back to health as well a shot Chris took last weekend.

PSS I’ve just heard about an avalanche in Tignes with two people in serious condition with perhaps one more missing. Below is the report that Chris just sent me from a local newspaper’s website:

Deux skieurs ont été emportée ce mercredi matin, vers 11 h 30, par une avalanche à Tignes. Ils évoluaient dans le secteur hors-piste de Tovière, sur le versant nord, en dessous du haut de la ligne de l’Aeroski lorsqu’ils ont été surpris par la coulée. Les pisteurs-secouristes de Tignes se sont portés à leur secours, accompagnés de quelques-uns de leurs collègues de Val d’Isère et de moniteurs de ski de la station. L’hélicoptère de Modane n’a lui pas pu décoller en raison des mauvaises conditions météorologiques. Les deux victimes ensevelies ont finalement été retrouvées en toute fin de matinée. La première a été retrouvée inconsciente mais a vite repris connaissance. La seconde victime était, elle, en arrêt cardio-vasculaire mais a pu être réanimée. Elle a été transportée à l’hôpital de Grenoble.

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