It's a Winter Wonderland!

07 December 2012

No fresh snow fell overnight and when awakening to grey skies and flat-light, I must admit to not expecting too much this morning. But, we managed to find lovely untracked snow around the Verte and Borsat and had a couple of great runs down the (closed) OK and on down the Orange before skiing through the trees at the bottom. In the trees the snow had a few tracks but it was soft enough to blow through and it was fantastic skiing. It was Derek and Paul’s first ski of the season and as usual Derek arrived for a good one. Unfortunately Derek needed to stop around 11:30 with a sore back but Paul, Alex and I rocked on until 12:45.

Storm warnings are out over many departments in France with snow and freezing rain making travel very treacherous. Here in town it is dumping it down and we could see another 40cm’s before morning. Hopefully we’ll be able to ski tomorrow but if the avalanche risk is rated at 5/5 as rumoured, they won’t open the resort. Fingers crossed we can ski because the resort is empty and even with limited lifts running the skiing is jolly good fun and being in this type of weather is rare and quite a privilege. (Chris is going to stay at my place tonight to avoid being snowed-in tomorrow, so that he can work if the lifts open.)

The snowfalls over the past few days are playing havoc with the World Cup preparations and they’ll be very lucky to run any events over the next couple of days. Staging World Cup Races here in town is more reliable to bring on a big snowstorm than any Snow-God I’ve ever come across.

Sports Report-Well done Alistair Cook and England for a great showing in India.

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