Splat du Jour!

08 December 2012

Not that much new snow fell overnight compared to the past few evenings and Solaise and the Olympique both opened on time. We did a lot of skiing this morning, and my team opened with a leg-burner in powder on the Solaise piste. From there we headed up the Olympique and skied great snow all the way down and across the bridge before continuing down the Triffolet right to the bottom. There we had a little ‘Alpine’ reunion as we met up with Chris’ team and Olivier’s. After that we skied what we could off the Verte, Bonnevie’s drag, and Mont Blanc as nothing else was running, but just as we were about to call it a day the Tommeuses chair opened and we had a fabulous run top-to-bottom to finish. Unfortunately I won the ’splat du jour’ award for a lovely somersault-head-plant, right under Chris’ team who were cheering from the chairlift above. Nothing like a discerning audience! Anyway, I thought Andy skied beautifully today (check photos) and he’s really improved since this time last season. Well done Andy! Paul, Toby, Tilly, Anton, and Derek all skied well also but unfortunately Derek had to stop early again. Chris awarded James R with the ‘skier of the morning award’ in his group. Bravo James!

It looks like we should have some sunshine tomorrow, which will be a welcomed change. Stay tuned!

Sports Report- Unless I’m mistaken the World Cup Race from Val d’Isere, which cost a fortune to run, isn’t being shown on French TV. One of the main excuses for the cost is the publicity, but if the French don’t really care, who does? (Maybe it will be on later?) And well done England for a great cricketing display in India.

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