What a contrast to yesterday!

10 December 2012

Sorry I didn’t get back to you with the finished update yesterday but I was gutted after the Hammers lost 3-2 after being ahead 2-1 with fifteen minutes to go. I know I shouldn’t take my sports so seriously, but I can’t help myself! Thanks John for two fantastic matches and a great meal.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with brilliant sunshine, which we haven’t had much of so far this season, and stunning snow. Pietro, Chris and Andreas all skied at the Fornet and although the opening was limited they had some terrific skiing. Andreas finished off skiing the Arcelle piste in powder before walking out, then decided to do it again for a 2PM finish. Nice one! Meanwhile my team enjoyed great skiing around Bellevarde, the Borsat front-side as well as the north, the meadows into Tignes and off the Motte.

Today however, was tough, tough, tough! Fifteen to twenty centimetres fell over night but this morning the wind was ferocious and the visibility on the top of Bellevarde was extremely poor. We made the best of it (see photos) and bravo to my team of John E, Jean, Andy and Paul W, and Chris’ group of James R, Arlene, and Paul, for hanging in there until the end. Our last run was our best so we went back up for another, but the wind had increased and the Pisteurs wouldn’t let us out and sent us back down in the Funival as they closed the resort! (Great photos Jean, they really captured the morning!) Unfortunately Derek has missed the past two days with his injury, and it takes a lot to stop Derek from skiing. Get well soon Derek.

Fortunately better weather is forecast for tomorrow.

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