X-Rated Update Below!

11 December 2012

Today was much kinder that yesterday as the wind dropped off and we had pretty decent vis for most of the morning. Chris and I headed up Bellevarde and had a few good warm-up runs on Bonnevie’s drag before skiing some lovely snow in the Borsat Nord and down through the meadows into Tignes. From there we headed up the Funicular hoping to ski the closed Genepy piste in powder but the light wasn’t good enough to avoid the ‘haggis’ traps that I know are lurking down there. Instead, we skied the Combe des Lanches, which turned out to be outstanding, so we circled back up for another go and met up with Thomas and his team. Meanwhile, Pietro, Andreas, Oli and JM were all around the Super L and on up to the Fornet while Oli came back to ski the Banane. Excellent skiing was reported by all, and after a tough one yesterday, it was well appreciated.

I had some new clients this afternoon, George and Jenny, and we skied the Borsat and Combe des Lanches. They did really well and are going to join in the morning group tomorrow. It was jolly cold this afternoon and by 4:30 it’s starting to get dark, especially when you’re still wearing sunglasses!

Warning: X rated for the faint-hearted.

The night before last I was awakened at 4AM by the loudest moaning and groaning I’ve ever heard in my life. Two apartments down it was all happening and I’m sure she was faking because nobody could be that good, could they? She was definitely in the ‘screamer’ category and whoever he was will have been feeling pretty proud of himself, and rightly so. Bravo Monsieur! Anyway, I told Paul, Andy, John E and Jean about it in the Olympique (and whoever else was listening) and that I was a little concerned with Gill and the girls arriving soon, as well as Ray, and that I must confront her about it. My mate Jean volunteered to compose a letter in French, which he emailed to me, and I copied it out and posted it under her door. It was a humorous letter stating that I’m pleased she had such a fabulous evening, but after the polite formalities it translates to: next time go to chez-lui or stick a sock in it! Merci beaucoup Jean, job done!

Sunny skies are forecast for tomorrow.

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