An Adventurous Morning!

13 December 2012

At 7AM the skies were clear and it looked as if we were in for a fairly easy day. Wrong! By ‘Showtime’ it had clouded over and we were in for another morning of flat-light. Chris and I were heading towards the Aiguille Percee but it was already very dark in that sector and with a ‘light bulb’ of light above us we skied the sunny-side of the Borsat down through the meadows towards the Grande Pre and then down underneath the Face du Charvet. The snow was good easy powder but the better vis was a real bonus. We then had an interesting run in the Arcelle where we skied station-to-station near the ridges to keep it safe. There are some big steep slopes out there so we really took our time with the skiing and route finding as the visibility had deteriorated. From there we finished up an adventurous morning with a run around the Mattis trees as we went from ‘plan A’ to ‘plan H’ this morning but it worked out pretty well and we managed the best of the light on offer. (The annoying thing is it’s sunnier now at 2PM than it was all morning, and it’s suppose to be starting to snow by now.)

Olivier, Jean Marc and Pietro were all working this morning but I’m not sure where they skied. Oli has a touring group so they may have gone off to ‘skin’ somewhere. Thomas has been helping with the races the past two days and Andreas had the morning off.

As far as I know the two skiers taken yesterday around the Sache are alive and well, although one was under for 30-minutes and helicoptered to hospital.

It’s just about time to start getting my life organised as the girls arrive in just under two weeks. I’ve loads to do so I’m off to finish unpacking the car. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Chris tried his new Bond’s today and loved them, while John Ellis bought a pair immediately after testing them yesterday. They are great skis and if you’re interested in a pair don’t hesitate, because they will go quickly.

PSS If you google data avalanche you’ll find photos of the massive avalanche in the Sache yesterday. I’ve been told that one skier died but I can’t verify that.

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