What a bonus!

14 December 2012

The visibility was much better than forecast and the wind wasn’t a factor this morning and we all enjoyed a ‘bonus’ day as we weren’t expecting too much while climbing into bed last night. The light was brightest towards the Aiguille Percee so after a warm-up off the Verte and a lovely little Borsat Nord we headed towards the sun. Chris came up with a great suggestion of skiing the Sache via the avalanche rubble from a couple of days ago, and because it’s already slide we’d be perfectly safe. I went in first to check that it was doable and called Chris and our team’s in. Our only worry was someone falling on the smooth sliding surface of the avalanche and going for a ‘whipper’, so we slide-slipped the steep couloir before accessing some fantastic snow lower down. Once in, we had wonderful skiing all the way down without anyone else in sight. It was great to be back there again and being George and Jenny’s first trip back there, they were suitably impressed, especially after an ‘interesting’ entrance. Excellent call Chris and great ambience!

Andreas came in after us after having skied an excellent Chardonnet and cut out a little earlier than we did, which worked out beautifully as the buses aren’t yet running and hewas able to organise taxis for us all at the bottom. Well done and thanks Andreas! I must admit to being a bit of a naughty boy and nipping Chris to the second taxi, but fortunately the next taxi showed up a couple of minutes later. Sorry JC, very cheeky of me!

For those who missed the late add-on to the blog yesterday, if you Google ‘data avalanche’ you’ll find photos of the avalanche in the Sache a couple of days ago. The sliding plane is what we skied down today to get to the powder lower down.

Pietro has been skiing with a lovely Italian named Alessandro, who reads the diary regularly. They been having a great time together and it was a pleasure to me you Alessandro. We all look forward to seeing you here again soon.

Fifteen to fifty centimetres are forecast for this evening accompanied by strong foehn winds. It has warmed up from -18C a few days back to around -1 or 2C. The warming should help stabilise the snow pack and bring down some of the dodgy slopes. There has been a lot of instability and several serious avalanches already, so we’re all hoping for the snow pack to start to improve. Stay tuned!

Thanks for a wonderful meal last night Margaret! And well done Richard for climbing into the boot for the ride home, just like the old days!

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