Who Was That Girl?

15 December 2012

Last night I went into town to watch the awards presentation for the Women’s World Cup Downhill, and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable 45-minutes I’ve had in ages. To begin with there were a couple of French blokes with microphones singing and dancing to piped-in music, trying their best to animate and stir up the crowd. Then this English girl who was still in her ski boots after an après-ski session started dancing and after about 30 seconds it was evident that she was jolly good and totally into it. The French boys invited her up onto the stage and she went absolutely wild! She danced like a mad-woman for about 15-minutes while the crowd was cheering her on. I’ve never seen anyone shake it around like that before and she would have given Flavia from Strictly a run for her money. When she turned around and bent over, a la Rod Stewart, and started shaking her butt about, my eyes went blurry with the speed of it all. Rod in his prime would have been proud of her and she was so entertaining that the organisers ended up giving her a pair of racing skis! (See photos) I wished that Millie and Katie were there to witness the spectacle as they would have had huge eyes (like Dad) and absolutely loved it.

Then the actual presentation of cheques and medals started and it was lovely to see these young ladies so pleased with themselves and so friendly with one another. The sixth place girl won 2,800 euros and then it increased up to 25,000 euros for the young Swiss who came first. The bronze, silver and gold medals were then delivered by a huge bald eagle. The eagle flew down from a balcony above with the bronze and landed on the handlers arm, delivered it then flew off again to get the next medal. It was all pretty impressive and I can’t imagine them duplicating a ceremony like that again. (Unless of course they hire in the English girl to kick things off again) Brilliant stuff!

Now on to today’s skiing. We were expecting 15 to 50 cm’s of fresh snow this morning but when I awoke at 7-ish there wasn’t a flake on the ground, and I felt a little deflated. It had been raining so there was some fresh snow at altitude but none in the village, but fortunately it then started to snow massive flakes and by 9 o’clock there was a nice cushion of fresh snow in town as well. The light was decent and we profited with a maximum-turn session with great snow, and no people. Chris and I skied around the Bellevarde, Fontaine Froide and Borsat sectors while Oli and JM worked their way towards Solaise and the Fornet. The wind didn’t bother us this morning but it was blowing hard enough at altitude to keep the upper part of the mountain closed. All in all, it was a fantastic day of skiing that didn’t look that promising first thing.

I managed to somehow delete all yesterday’s photos, which is no big deal unless you happened to be in them and wanted a look when you returned home. Sorry Jenny and George as I had a few good ones of you.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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