Avalanche risk drops from 4 to 3!

16 December 2012

We had a similar day to yesterday except there was a better accumulation of snow and it was slightly colder, which improve the snow on the lower slopes. The visibility was in-and-out but for the most part it was pretty comfortable skiing. (Good thing too as I had a little ‘spontaneous combustion’ last night, thanks to Mike and Laura, and I wasn’t looking forward to ‘white-out’ conditions). Tommeuses opened today and Chris and I had a couple of fantastic runs in the Familial top-to-bottom and had great skiing around Bellevarde and the Borsat. JM and Oli are entertaining their touring friends and Jo H, Jo M, Roy and Marilyn, Clare C, Johnny ‘Alpine’, Tony W, Mike A, Catherine K, and Oli’s son Sasha are all in town. (Sorry if I missed anyone!) I think they skied around Solaise and the Arcelle and I’m sure they had brilliant skiing as well. The boys have organised a get-together with Jean Sport tonight and we’ll be sampling some delicious taste treats from the Pyrenees. (Thomas, Henry and Andreas were off today)

Although the avalanche risk dropped from 4 to 3 today, I’m playing it safe and being satisfyed with great snow on gentler terrain. There has been enough warning signs so far to make me wary of the big slopes and I’m waiting for things to stabilise naturally and by skier-compaction before I wander to far afield.

I’m off to Johnny ‘Alpine’s’ late this afternoon for the West Brom v West Ham match, which is a big one as both teams are going through a tough patch. Come on boys! Stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow.

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