Too good!

17 December 2012

We all enjoyed another absolutely brilliant morning of ‘fill-your-boots’ skiing. The snow quality has been superb and we’ve had enough light over the past few days to ski hard and let ourselves go, and today it resulted in another ‘maximum-turn’ session. We haven’t had a start to a season like this for quite some time and it looks set to continue although sunshine is forecast for Wednesday. (Chris and I did however, get into one fog bank that was pretty uncomfortable and we were both pleased to eventually drop through it.)

Margaret won a ‘splat du jour’ award today with a superb ‘park-and-fly’. She jarred her ankle a little and called it a day but she should be alright. Margaret continues to inspire us with not just her skiing but also because it’s not everyday that you see a 75-year-old woman flying through the air like Superman, then getting up without a fuss! Bravo but sorry Margaret, you skied exactly where I told you to!

Jeremy has arrived to kick off his season and he skied with Chrissy and Andreas this morning. They had a great time at the Fornet and ended up getting in a couple of Combe du 3300’s, along with Oli’s team, up on the Glacier. Welcome back Jeremy!

Thanks to Johnny ‘Alpine’ for a tense but satisfying afternoon watching my beloved Hammers yesterday. We defended superbly, and needed to as well and it was a very important and hard earned point away from home. And thanks to JM and Oli for organising a wonderful drinks party with wonderful specialties from the Pyrenees.

Jane Seaford, who has skied with us from as far back as our Top Ski days, has written a book called ‘Archie’s Daughter’. The link is up on the news page so have a look and check-out her website. Well done Jane!

Millie and Katie are really enjoying the Strictly Come Dancing competition and both are cheering for Louis. It’s heating up with the finals next weekend (I think). Millie is proud but gutted that Jessica didn’t win the Sports Personality of the Year award last night. What a tough competition with so many deserving winners!

I’d like to say goodbye until next time to George and Jenny, who spent their first week with ‘Alpine’ and see you tomorrow Ray!

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