Simply Wonderful!

19 December 2012

Sorry for the late update but I’m just sitting down now at 10 PM after a long but totally satisfying day. After skiing until 4:30 with the Cook’s and Lambert’s, we had an excellent team ‘Alpine’ meeting (missed the avalanche conference), downloaded the photos, talked to the girls, snuck out for a burger with Ray, had a hot bath and here we are.

For the first time in a while the sun was out today and with Meteo France rating the avalanche risk at 4/5 we had a fairly slow opening. All was forgiven quickly as the skiing was superb, again! My team opened with the Fontaine Froide and down the Epaule du Charvet, followed by the Arcelle, Super L, Combe du Signal, Combe du 3300, the Pays Desert, lunch, the Pays Desert again, and a nice piste ski down Solaise to finish a wonderful day. Chris, Andreas and Thomas skied similar runs while Oli and JM started off on the Banane before working their way towards the Fornet. Oli and Andreas went over the Col Pers to finish the day and they had a great adventure but unfortunately the snow back-side hasn’t improved since Pietro tried it last week. C’est la vie and nice try boys, and thanks as someone has to check it out! (I was thinking of doing it as well but decided to play safe with the teenage girls)

We had a very constructive team meeting tonight as well as a good laugh. Thanks Catherine for trying to take a decent photograph of a pretty un-photographic bunch!

Henry has taken Ginnie down the valley as the baby is threatening an early appearance so perhaps we’ll have some fantastic news for you tomorrow.

I’m probably forgetting something but it’s time to go to bed and read a few pages of Shantaram. A demain!

PS Jean skied with Chris today and took some great shots, especially one of John Ellis, who resembles the teenagers in my group!

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