It's a Boy!

20 December 2012

No new snow fell overnight and with overcast skies and flat-light it was a bit of guess work as far as finding untracked snow after yesterday’s powder feast. Still, the boys spread out and we did a pretty good job of finding clean snow and everyone had a pretty decent ski. Andreas was skiing with a University group organised by Ed H and had help from Christophe (who did the re-furb on Derek’s flat) and the two of them did a great job entertaining the youngsters. Thanks Ed! Olivier, Thomas, and Andreas all skied the Chardonnet and a conservative Sache, while JM skied the Tour de Charvet, Arcelle and finished Mattis-way, and Chris and I skied the Borsat and Grande Motte.

This afternoon Zoë, who’s 12 years-old, won a ‘splat du jour’ award with a fabulous front forward flip. Douglas and I were seriously relieved when she came up for air and it’s a good thing her Mum missed it! It was my last day with the Cook’s and Lambert’s and we’ve had three excellent days, all of which have been totally different with the drastic changes in conditions.

It won’t be long now before Gill, Millie and Katie arrive and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. They’ve the Strictly final, followed by Christmas with their grandparents and cousins, then it will be Boxing Day and their season will commence. See you soon girls!

It started snowing fairly heavily early evening and hopefully we’ll be in for another ‘fresh canvas’ in the morning. It’s late again so I’m shutting down. Stay tuned!

PS I forgot the biggest news of the day was Ginnie delivering a baby boy! They’ve called the little fellow Jackson and Jackson and Mum are well. More details to follow.

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