Not at all what we expected!

23 December 2012

Blimey, today was a total contrast to the powder paradise of days gone by. Heat, humidity, and wind combined to ruin some fabulous snow and left us struggling to find good snow. Because the avalanche risk was 4/5 our options were pretty limited but at the Gourmandine I really expected some nice easy skiing after 10 to 15cm’s of fresh snow fell yesterday afternoon and during the night. We didn’t expect the ferocity of the wind, which kept the Pisaillas closed, as well as Tommeuses and eventually the Borsat, but we did manage a decent morning considering. (Check photos)

My team started off the Laisinant Express and skied some of the best snow of the morning off the edge of the piste Table de Orientation. I only skied that way because it was pisted and open and I knew when we arrived at the steep slope that we could cut back onto the piste. Just as we arrived at the wall I thought to myself, “Bugger, this is going to be interesting”. There was a plaque that had blown in across the piste so I told Margaret to stay back while I cut it. I chose my spot and set-off a small but nasty plague right I front of me, and another went behind me. Both were off the edge of the groomed piste but anyone trying to ski the edge of the piste would have had a shock.
After skiing one from the top of the Signal (beside the piste) we headed back to Bellevarde looking for some easier snow, but for the most part there was a lot of ‘educational’ snow about this morning and the next few days are going to be difficult. Bummer!

I’d like to say a big hello to Doug and Val and thanks for the Christmas card. We spent many great days together back at Top Ski and during our early ‘Alpine’ days.

I received this lovely email from Tom L who was here skiing with friends and family:

I just want to say we have all had an amazing time with Chris and Thomas this week. They were both superbly suited to the groups that went out. All my friends thought they were great and pitched things just right. I think we have some new Alpine addicts!!
We have been amazingly lucky with the weather and yesterday in a totally untracked pays desert will go down as a truly historic day! Obviously we were all very sad to hear the news from the grand vallon and our thoughts are with you and the other guides who know them well.
Thank you and your team for everything. I hope you have a great rest of the season.
With best wishes, Tom (Thanks Tom and bravo Chris and Thomas!)

Millie and Katie will be extremely pleased as their dancing and Olympic hero Louis won Strictly Come Dancing last night in a hotly contested final. Brilliant and I’m really happy for you girls!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

PS. It’s incredibly how busy the town has suddenly become. I’ve a couple of tips for you if you’re about to arrive: 1. Pay attention as the roads and pavements are lethal. 2. Watch out for dog poo! And on the sports front, how good were Chelsea tonight?

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