A stunning day of 'educational' snow!

24 December 2012

I really wasn’t expecting much this morning and was just grateful for some sunshine to at least give us a chance. But what a morning it turned out to be! We skied ‘skiers’ snow most of the morning but it skied well and was very satisfying. My team skied off the Verte, followed by the Borsat and meadows into Tignes, all of which was good. Then we joined JM, Andreas, and Chris’ teams in the Chardonnet, which I must admit wasn’t the best, but everyone enjoyed the ambience. Then we headed upstairs to the Motte and skied off my shoulder, which was superb ‘educational’ snow. There was a slight rain crust on the surface but you just powered right through it. If you were positive and showed the snow who was the boss, it skied beautifully. We all finished a cracking good day with perhaps the best snow of the morning in the Altiport, and a tricky morning turned out to be very satisfying and enjoyable. Bravo boys! (See photos)

Chrissy and Jean R are both out of action for five days or so with sore backs. We wish them both a speedy recovery and you know it takes a lot to stop them from skiing!

Sports Report- I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chelsea last night at the Pacific with John D, Jeremy, Fay, Paul G and Neil. Chelsea were wonderful to watch and all their 8 goals were well taken. I thought the Man of the Match should have been the Villa keeper, as he made about 6 world-class saves or it could have been 14. Wow!

Merry Christmas to you all and I’m really looking forward to picking up my girls on Boxing Day!

PS And thanks for a brilliant meal last night Penny!

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